Betty R Wood MS - Personal Coach & Educational Consultant be or not to be?


Choosing Single Motherhood: The Thinking Woman’s Guide
by Mikki Morrissette

Confessions of the Other Mother: Non-Biological Lesbian Moms Tell All
by Harlyn Aizley

Everyday Blessings: The Inner Work of Mindful Parenting
by Myla and Jon Kabat-Zinn

For Lesbian Parents: Your Guide to Helping Your Family Grow Up Happy, Healthy, and Proud
by Suzanne M. Johnson, PhD and Elizabeth O’Connor, PhD

Maybe Baby: 28 Writers Tell the Truth About Skepticism, Infertility, Baby Lust, Childlessness, Ambivalence, and How They Made the Biggest Decision of Their Lives
edited by Lori Leibovich

Raising Your Spirited Child: A Guide for Parents Whose Child Is More Intense, Sensitive, Perceptive, Persistent, Energetic
by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka

Unconditional Parenting: Moving from Rewards and Punishments to Love and Reason 
by Alfie Kohn

The Gay Baby Boom:  The Psychology of Gay Parenthood
by Suzanne M. Johnson, PhD and Elizabeth O’Connor, PhD

The Journey to Parenthood: Myths, Reality and What Really Matters 
by Diana Lynn Barnes and Leigh G. Balber

The Lesbian Parenting Book: A Guide to Creating Families and Raising Children
by D. Merilee Clunis and G. Dorsey Green

The Parenthood Decision
by Beverly Engel

The Transition to Parenthood
by Jay Belsky and John Kelly

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