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PARENTHOOD…TO BE OR NOT TO BE?African American Couple Considering Parenthood

One of the most challenging and life-changing decisions an individual or couple makes is deciding when or if they choose to parent children.  Clients who seek this service explore practical and personal assets along with their deepest dreams and desires that bring them to the point of actively planning to invite a child into their lives.  Clients may choose to parent children through childbirth, adoption, gaycouplefoster parents, or a blended family.  Some may choose to become a significant adult in a child’s life without becoming a parent, while others may choose not to parent. No matter what the choice may be, clients consciously explore individual options and come to a decision which is best for them at this time in their lives.

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It is certainly true that children do not come with an operations manual, that each child is different, and that parents search for support through various resources.  Clients who seek this service enter into a collaborative effort to identify their concerns and create a plan to address short term and long range goals for their children and families.  Parents may choose to address challenging child developmental transitions such as temper tantrums, potty Father & Son Readingtraining, sibling rivalry, entering kindergarten, social and achievement concerns in middle school and high school, or planning for college and leaving home. Parents of children in divorced or blended families may choose to create a cooperative parenting plan designed to meet the needs of the children and clarify the roles of each parent in the child’s life.

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Providing the best and most appropriate education for children is the concern of all parents.  Parents may seek assistance in choosing the best school placement that addresses their child’s natural learning style and their family values, following through on individual educational plans for their child’s identified learning difference, or support in acting as a child advocate in their child’s current school setting.

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ATTENTION DEFICIT AND DYSLEXIC ADULTSAttention Deficit Disorder Affected Male

Adults identified as attention deficit or dyslexic often find that they benefit from personal coaching sessions designed to assist them in transforming limiting behaviors into assets in their professional and personal lives.  Collaboratively creating short term and long range goals for optimal success results in renewed self-confidence and competence for these clients.

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Personal Coaching sessions are designed to assist adults in setting and accomplishing life goals in their personal and professional lives.  Unlike psychotherapy and counseling which focus on past experience and mental health diagnostic categories, personal coaching emphasizes effecting change in the current and future behavior of the client. Unobtrusive interventions are incorporated in the development of mutually agreed upon short term and long range goals for the client.

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